August 2017 Horoscopes

You’re still very much in a yearly personal pleasure peak. The party continues until the 22nd. You’ll still be having fun afterwards, but will be a bit more work-oriented. Venus is both your love planet and Financial Planet. In your Horoscope, love and money go together. If love is going well, finances tend to go well and vice versa. Venus spends almost all month (until the 26th) in your 4th House of home and family. This is giving many messages. It shows good family support. Extended family is also a source for earnings—family connections as well. Venus in the sign of Cancer would show moodiness in finance. It enhances the intuition but your mood is important. In a good mood, you feel rich and earning power is strong. In a bad mood, you feel in the poorhouse. So, sleep on things before making an important purchase or investment. Get into a quiet peaceful state, then the decisions will be good. This position favors residential real estate and industries that cater to the home. It favors earning money from home as well. Similar things are true in the love life. In a good mood, you’re kind and loving. In a bad mood, all of that is out the window. Singles can be attracting these kinds of people too. Love is close to home. Family (or the extended family) likes to play cupid. You’re socializing more at home and with the family. Emotional intimacy is very important in love. You gravitate to people with whom you can share feelings. We have two eclipses this month - a Lunar Eclipse on August 7 and a Solar Eclipse on the 21st. Take a reduced schedule those periods.

Your career planet, Uranus, goes retrograde on the 3rd. Your 10th House of career is empty while your 4th House of home and family is chock full of planets. The Horoscope is delivering a clear message. Focus on the home and family and let career issues go for a while. Time, and time alone, will resolve career complexities. In the meantime, focus on the family and your emotional wellness. With emotional wellness you have the foundation of future career success. Though career is not a focus now, there are happy career opportunities happening but they need more study - don’t jump in right away. Health needs more attention this month. As always make sure to get enough rest. Your Health Planet spends most of the month in the sign of Cancer, so diet and emotional harmony are important health-wise. Avoid depression like the plague. After the 26th, as your Health Planet (Venus) moves into Leo, give more attention to the heart. Worry and anxiety are the two emotions behind most heart problems. Avoid them. Replace worry with faith. A Lunar Eclipse occurs in your 10th House on the 7th and shows future career changes. There are dramas with parents or parent figures. There are dramas with guru figures in your life and in spiritual organizations that you’re involved with. A Solar Eclipse on the 21st also impacts on the family and parents - good to focus on the family. Both eclipses are strong on you so take a nice, easy and relaxed schedule those periods.

Retrograde activity increases to the maximum of the year this month. Plus we have two eclipses. It might be a good thing that the pace of life is slower. It gives a chance to take a more reduced schedule. As far as eclipses go these are pretty mild on you. (But if they hit something in your personal Horoscope they can have a strong impact - you should consult with your personal astrologer about this.) The Lunar Eclipse of the 7th occurs in your 9th House and impacts on college level students - they can change schools, or majors or educational plans. There are probably shakeups at their school. Every Lunar Eclipse impacts on your finances and this one is no different. Events happen that force financial course corrections. There are likely to be dramas in the lives of friends and computer equipment can be temperamental. The Solar Eclipse of the 21st occurs right on the cusp of your 3rd and 4th Houses. This impacts on the home and family. Often repairs are needed in the home and family members are more temperamental. Students below the college level are affected and they could change schools and educational plans too. Cars and communication equipment become more temperamental. This Solar Eclipse announces a need to focus more on the home and family - they need you now. Your 4th House gets strong from the 22nd onwards. Health is basically good but needs more attention after the 22nd. Enhance the health in the normal ways - through detox, back and knee massage. Love is still about fun and games and doesn’t seem serious. But its fun.

You’re in a very strong financial period now - a yearly financial peak. Earnings are strong. The Solar Eclipse of the 21st (which affects your Financial Planet, the Sun) will force necessary changes. Your thinking and strategy probably hasn’t been realistic and the eclipse will reveal the problem. Thus you can make the corrections. Every Lunar Eclipse is strong on you because the Moon is the Lord of your Horoscope. Thus, you should take it nice and easy on the 7th - and even a few days before and after. Twice a year - there are two Lunar Eclipses a year - you get a chance to upgrade your image and self concept which is healthy. You re-define yourself for yourself. This eclipse occurs in your 8th House and this can show encounters with death (usually on the psychological level). The cosmos reminds you that life is short and can end at any time, so get serious about life. Do what you came here to do. This Lunar Eclipse impacts on Mars your career planet. This shows career changes going on. Perhaps you change your strategy. Perhaps the company or government creates new rules and you’re forced to change. Sometimes there are shakeups in your corporate hierarchy or industry and this forces change. There are many scenarios as to what can happen. Venus spends most of month in your own sign. A nice transit. She gives, beauty, grace and a sense of style. People are drawn to you. But your love planet is is still retrograde, so there is no rush in love.

Since the cosmos wants only the best for you, sometimes things need to get shaken up in order for it to happen. Too often we sell ourselves short and create conditions which are not up to our potential. Thus, eclipses periodically come and shake things up. Out of the ashes, so to speak, something new and better is born. Two eclipses this month are strong on you, so take it easy those periods - the 7th (Lunar Eclipse) and the 21st (Solar Eclipse). The Lunar Eclipse of the 7th will test your current love relationship. The good relationships survive (though the dirty laundry comes out for correction), but the flawed ones tend to go down the tubes. Every Lunar Eclipse creates spiritual changes - changes in your teachings, practice and attitudes. Your dream life during this period shouldn’t be taken too seriously. It also impacts on legal issues (if you’re involved in them), and for college students, their educational plans. The Solar Eclipse of the 21st occurs right on the cusp of your 1st and 2nd Houses, thus there are financial shakeups and changes and also a redefinition of your personality and image. If you haven’t been careful in dietary matters, it can bring a detox of the body (not to be confused with sickness, though the symptoms are often similar). The financial changes you make seem to work as the month ahead - especially from the 22nd onwards - is prosperous. The only issue is Mercury’s retrograde on the 13th. Avoid major investments or purchases after the 13th. It’s a time for gaining financial clarity. A time for resolving all doubts.

With 40% and sometimes 50% of the planets retrograde and a Lunar Eclipse impacting on the Lord of your 11th House, this is a month where computers, mobile phones, and mailings tend to go awry. It is interesting how mechanical things are impacted by the planetary powers. There is no question that it is so - the only question is the modus operandi. How they exert this impact. So, back up important files and keep your anti-virus, anti-hacking software up-to-date. These issues probably can’t be totally prevented, but problems can be reduced. They need not be as severe as they could be. This Lunar Eclipse also impacts Mars, the Lord of your 8th House. So there will be psychological encounters with death. There is a need for a deeper understanding of this. Job changes are also likely - either in your present situation or with a new company. Those who employ others are having employee turnover. Aside from all these little nuisances, the month ahead seems happy. On the 22nd, the Sun enters your sign. You are in a position of great independence now (even before the 22nd) and have the power to have things your way. The problem is with Mercury retrograde on the 13th, you’re not sure what your way is or what you really want. What good is power without direction? These issues will straighten out next month. In the meantime, work to clarify your goals. Health is good and you’re making important changes to your health regime.

Basically a happy month ahead, but two eclipses introduce change and excitement. Your 11th House is powerful this month, so it is a social kind of month. You’re involved with friends, groups and group activities. Your love planet is also in the 11th House so these activities can lead to romance as well. The Lunar Eclipse of the 7th occurs in your 5th House and impacts children or children figures in your life. There are dramas in their lives, so try to keep them out of harm’s way - a more relaxed kind schedule - that period. Since the Moon is your career planet, there are career changes happening - and they seem to be good. Venus, the Lord of your Horoscope, is in the 10th House at the top of your chart. The shakeups in your company or industry seem to open doors for you. This eclipse impacts Mars, your love planet, so a current relationship gets tested. It need not break up - but it gets tested to show you how good or bad it is. A Solar Eclipse on the 21st is more benign to you, but it won’t hurt to take a reduced schedule anyway. (Also if it hits a sensitive point in your actual Natal chart, it can have a strong personal impact.) This brings a testing of computers, software and high tech equipment. Some of these things will either need repair or replacement. There are dramas in the lives of your friends and shakeups in a trade or professional organization that you’re involved with.

You’re still in the midst of a yearly career peak. Career is frenetic, hectic and much change is going on there (a Solar Eclipse on the 21st hits your career planet and also occurs in your 10th House. ) Still you seem successful. The changes will open doors for you. Health needs more attention this month. The short term planets are in stressful alignment with you. The demands of the career are strong. On top of this, the Lunar Eclipse of the 7th impacts on your Health Planet so we have a very clear message to guard the health. Make sure to get enough rest. You can’t ignore the career so other things might need to be temporarily sacrificed. The good news is that all of this seems temporary; by the 22nd, as the planets shift in your favor, health and energy will improve. The Lunar Eclipse of the 7th is strong on you so take it easy that period. Avoid foreign travel if possible. There can be drama at home and with parents or parent figures. Family members are temperamental this period (even a week before) so be more patient. Repairs might be needed in the home. The Solar Eclipse of the 21st affects the career as we mentioned. There are shakeups in your company and industry that change the “rules of the game”. There are dramas in the lives of bosses, parents, parent figures and authority figures. Your personal success, itself, change the rules of the game. This eclipse is also strong on you - especially those of you born late in the sign (November 19 to 22).

Health and energy are very good this month, and you have all the energy you need to handle the challenges brought on by the two eclipses this month. The power this month (until the 22nd) is in your 9th House - your favorite House. This is the House that involves travel, higher education and religion. The cosmos impels you to do the things that you most love to do. A nice arrangement. The Lunar Eclipse of the 7th occurs in your 3rd House. Thus you should drive more carefully that period (a few days before and after). Cars and communication equipment will get tested and some might need repair or replacement. Mars, your planet of children, is impacted by this eclipse, so keep the children (or children figures) out of harm's way. Encourage them to take a more relaxed schedule. They will have life changing kinds of dramas - some quite normal and natural. The Solar Eclipse of the 21st occurs on the cusp of your 9th and 10th Houses. It impacts the Lord of the 9th House, so avoid foreign travel that period. Get your traveling in before the 21st. College level or college bound students make important changes to educational plans. There are shakeups in your place of worship. On the 22nd, the Sun crosses the Midheaven and enters your 10th House of career. You begin a yearly career peak. There is much success, but perhaps slower than you would like - there are many planets retrograde this month. The pace of life is much slower.

With your 8th House so strong this month, there is a need to come to terms with death - to understand it and its function. When we understand death we understand how to live better. A Solar Eclipse on the 21st further reinforces this issue. We have two eclipses this month, and as far as eclipses go, these are mild on you. However, they might not be so mild on the people around you, so take it easy those periods. The Lunar Eclipse of the 7th occurs in your money house. Thus, important financial changes are happening. I feel that this eclipse is announcing even more financial changes that will start next year. It is a herald of things to come. Every Lunar Eclipse tests the love life and current relationship. You go through these twice a year, so chances are that your current relationship has gone through these things many times. Be more patient with your beloved as he or she is likely to be more temperamental - perhaps he or she is having personal dramas and this affects your relationship. Mars, your family planet, is impacted by this eclipse, so there can be family dramas, perhaps repairs in the home and tempestuous emotions in the family. Be more patient here too. The Solar Eclipse of the 21st impacts on the Lord of your 8th House. Thus, the spouse, partner or current love is making important financial changes - dramatic ones. It can bring near death experiences or encounters with death, as we have mentioned. Often it brings dreams of death. You are confronting it on a psychological level and will emerge wiser from it.

Two eclipses this month are strong on you. Health needs more watching anyway - especially until the 22nd. Retrograde activity is at the maximum for the year, so you may as well take a lighter schedule. Many issues confronting you need time to resolve. There don’t seem to be “quickie” solutions, so cut back as much you can on stressful kinds of activities. The Lunar Eclipse of the 7th occurs in your own sign, thus it shows a need to redefine yourself and your image. In coming months you will change your self concept and how you want others to see you. Often this results in wardrobe and hair style changes - a change in your presentation. A person’s health needs are dynamic, not static. They change depending on the astrological energies and the work you do, so this is a time to evaluate your health regime and make the appropriate changes. Job changes are also afoot. This can be with your present company or with a new one. Mars is impacted by this eclipse, so drive more carefully (defensively) this period. Cars and communication equipment can be more temperamental that period. The Solar Eclipse of the 21st is also strong on you. All of you will feel it, but those born late in the sign of Aquarius (February 17-19) will feel it strongest. This tests the love life. Good relationships survive these things and get better, but flawed ones can dissolve. Since this eclipse occurs right near the cusp of the 8th House, it shows that your spouse, partner or current love is making dramatic financial changes. The good news is that these seem to work. He or she will have a strong financial period from the 22nd onwards.

The two eclipses this month are relatively benign to you. As far as eclipses go, these seem mild. Still if they hit something sensitive in your personal Horoscope, they can be powerful on a personal level. Consult with your personal astrologer about this. The Lunar Eclipse of the 7th occurs in your spiritual 12th House. This signals important spiritual type changes - changes of teaching, practice and attitudes. There are dramas in the lives of guru figures and shakeups in spiritual or charitable organizations you’re involved with. The dream life is not very reliable this period, so don’t give them much value. It is only the stirrings of the astral plane caused by the eclipse. Your Financial Planet, Mars, is affected by this eclipse so important financial changes need to be made. Events will show where your thinking and strategy has been unrealistic. The changes will work out in the end, but its not very comfortable while they’re happening. The Solar Eclipse of the 21st affects your job in a strong way. Not only does it occur in the 6th House of work, but also impacts the Lord of the 6th House, the Sun. So job changes are afoot, either in your present situation or with another company. Those of you employ others will probably have employee turnover. This is not necessarily your fault - employees are having their own personal dramas. The health regime needs changing too. And it will happen in coming months. Sometimes you change doctors or dentists. Sometimes you change your supplements. Sometimes you change your whole approach to health.