Tonight, Saturday January 23rd, marks the first full moon of 2016! Maybe you are already feeling the power of the Wolf Moon, and you’re experiencing more energy, a great desire to be in nature and exploring new places and primal connections. 


The sacred figure of the wolf is a powerful instructor in tapping into our own wildness, wisdom, and inner freedom. For we are all born free, it is our society that shames us into feeling too fearful to embrace our own wild and free instincts - we are only as caged as we allow ourselves to be. The Wolf Moon reminds us with it’s powerful light, to allow our own inner light to shine as brightly as possible, express ourselves from a place of genuine creativity, and share and discover our greatest gifts.




Where there is light, there is also shadow. The winter full moon illuminates the shadows in our lives that need clearing, healing, and transforming. These can come in many forms, but most stem from a place of insecurity and denying our inner truth. Watch carefully the thoughts and beliefs that come to mind that prevent you from living your most authentic life and that keep you from reaching your highest potential. Allow the power of the Wolf Moon to clear those stagnant thoughts and replace them with thoughts of growth, change, and action. Let it's healing light enhance self-trust and self-reliance. 


Tune into your sacred nature, and allow the power of the Wolf Moon to help you shift what is no longer serving you and tap into your most authentic, wild and free self. She is there, waiting to be embraced and allowed to run with the wolves.