Yoga for Veterans


When looking up the word "warrior", these two definitions were the first to show up. How fitting that the idea of war and peace can be the foundation for this word. In both the military and on the yoga mat, the word "warrior" has a power, a reference, and a fierceness that calls upon the human spirit to perform at its best. Memorial Day is a time to remember the men and woman who found their highest potential and used their gifts and talents to protect and serve their countrymen. On this day of national awareness and reverence, we honor those Americans who died while defending our Nation and the freedoms we hold so dear. 



Yoga as become an increasingly important tool in aiding soldiers with PTSD and other war-related mental and physical injuries. Programs around the world are using the ancient teachings of meditation, chanting, stretching, and self-love to help soldiers return to a place of mindfulness and inner peace. These programs include YogaFit for Warriors, Yoga Warriors International, Veterans Yoga Project, and Warriors at Ease, are geared toward healing the wounds of our veterans and offer programs for yoga instructors to teach trauma-sensitive classes.



Thank you to all the men and woman who are true Warriors. Sending love and light your way. Namaste.